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10 Places You've Never Been in Athens

March 25, 2019

Ansley Cartwright, member of Delta Zeta, has created a list of unique Athens activities for when you have a free afternoon or want to fight boredom. Get out there and give them a try if you haven't already!



"Athens is known for a lot of things- a nationally ranked University, a football team and fans

that call on the dawgs every kickoff, and one of the biggest Greek-life organizations in the country. This small town has been home to music legends such as R.E.M, the B52's, and Drive-by Truckers that developed an iconic music scene that made headlines. We have some of the most instagrammable restaurants with food college students actually can afford and parent’s weekends for the meals we can’t. This city is more than just dorms and cheap apartments for us to crash in after class- it’s our home. It’s a place we want to show off every single second we can. We worked all throughout high school to be here, and now, we are. We’re no longer visitors or guests, we don’t nervously follow tour guides around to see buildings we’ll never know the names of. This city is ours.


Through having a sister in high school, I made it my goal to find all the fun and unique places throughout this small town to encourage her to visit as much as possible. I want my parents to come and see something other than the Chick-fil-a line. I want students coming to tour to enjoy so much more than the convenience of the dining halls. Here are my recommendations

for everything Athens.


1. Bear Hollow Zoo

This zoo not only provides the local community and college students with fun entertainment, but it also brings joy to many animal activists. This zoo only houses animals that would not be able to survive on their own in the wild. It is 100% free for guests and one of the few places you won’t get charged for parking. It includes bears, eagles, otters, alligators, turtles, and so many other beautiful animals living their best life here alongside all of us. These animals are cared for and supported throughout survival amongst a myriad of health conditions, physical aliments, and hurt bodies.


2. Georgia Botanical Gardens

These scenic views serve for the perfect picnic all year long. Through flowered walkways,overlooking trees, and beautiful fountains, these gardens provide programs and joy for our community. Admission and parking are FREE, and one of the prettiest places here. This place is a wonderful getaway from a busy campus- full of birthday parties, hikes, and dates.


3. Athens Farmer's Market

This market comes to town once a week even throughout the winter to showcase local art, produce, and handmade goods. From homemade pretzels to fresh vegetables to locally designed clothing, this market showcases the true creativity here and offers us a break to shop local.


4. Cine

This is probably the most eclectic movie theater- like ever. From a bar to a cafe to live music, this takes movie watching to a new level. This intimate theater shows indie films, smaller release flicks, and a smaller setting for you and your closest friend to enjoy movies together.


5. Oconee Forest Park

More than 850 miles showcase Athens wildlife. From campgrounds to historic ruins, these trails are perfect for days when the weather feels just right. Hiking and adventuring make for the perfect outdoor exercise time with your friends, family, and sorority sisters.


6. Iron Horse

An icon- for who knows why, Athens has a metal horse statue in the middle of a field. This landmark makes for the perfect stargazing spot and even better photo-ops and sunset videos.


7. Classic Center

This is well-known for students but not as often visited. Cheer on the ice dawgs, attend a philanthropy event, or ice skate around with your best friends. The classic center is the perfect opportunity to head downtown for a fun night out and mark up your calendar of their events.


8. Rook and Pawn

For $5, you have your choice between any board game imaginable. Spice up your rainy days with a coffee and a Clue competition as you relive your childhood favorites and leash out your competitive side.


9. The Tree That Owns Itself

Legend has it the original owner of the land left this very piece of land to the tree itself. The tree is the legal owner of this piece of property and is a sight-seeing opportunity for all coming through to view a history richer than its roots.


10. The Georgia Art Museum

This FREE museum will satisfy almost all of your ‘High Museum Instagram aesthetic’ needs. From local artists to unique statues and sculptures, this museum features pieces of furniture and clothing and art from every era."

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