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What I Learned From Sorority Rush

Recruitment registration just recently opened for all the upcoming freshmen at UGA! Kristen Huffstutler, a Pi Beta Phi, has decided to share some things she learned going through recruitment last year.

  1. Sweating is okay. Regardless of whether you have one house left or all of them, August weather in Georgia is brutal and everybody knows that. Plus, the girlies on the inside have been awake for just about as long as you have, and they’re pretty hot too.

  2. You’re not supposed to be perfect. Sororities are looking for girls they can click with and see themselves being best friends with. Be yourself! Be honest and authentically you! That’s the version of yourself that all 19 sororities will fall in love with.

  3. It’s okay to cry. I know so many girls that got deep with the gals who rushed them starting on round 2 and going all the way to pref round. Pure exhaustion also leads to a lot of emotions coming out. Don’t be afraid to get real!

  4. Have fun with it! Recruitment is only a bad experience if you make it one. Getting dropped by a house you wanted is almost inevitable, and it won’t make or break your rush experience. In a lot of cases, getting dropped doesn’t have to mean that they don’t want you; it can simply mean that you probably wouldn’t be happy if you had joined that sorority. You’ll get to meet so many people and with a good attitude, it will be the perfect beginning to your college experience.

  5. It’s a mutual selection process. You’ll hear this a lot during recruitment week, but I only really understood it once I joined a sorority. It feels like you’re trying to find your people, but in reality, your people are trying to find you. Each sorority works so hard throughout this week and they are all so excited to meet you! Everyone I’ve talked to since rush has said that they wouldn’t be happy anywhere else - so trust the process!

Rush can be long, hard, and emotionally draining, but from the moment you step off the buses and run onto the lawn, everything is worth it. Above all else, recruitment is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so enjoy it, smile, and be yourself! Your future home is awaiting you!

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