5 Reasons to Consider Rushing Even If You Don’t Think You’re the “Sorority Girl Type”

July 2, 2019


Ansley Cartwright, a Delta Zeta at UGA, has a piece of advice for the girl who isn't sure yet if sorority recruitment is right for her. Here are a just a few of the many reasons sorority recruitment is a great opportunity!


"I am the stereotypical sorority girl. I love makeup and covering my whole body in glitter, watching gossip girl and buying presets to edit my photos, but that doesn't mean that rushing was exactly what I thought it would be. I assumed greek organizations were just groups of girls living movie star lives with blonde hair and fake dancing in a field for a photo-op. But it really is so much more and became so much more to me.


1. It’s more “You” than you think.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        You may not be into comfort color t-shirts or sparkly letters of the Greek alphabet, but regardless of how you think of yourself, everyone enjoys the same things. Greek or not- we all want supportive friends, we all want people to help us with school, to hold us accountable. We want a place to feel connected to. We want to feel included and accepted and appreciated. Being in a sorority made all of these things easy. Friends come fast when you already have a connection even before meeting. You have a whole pledge class of girls who all need someone to eat with them at Bolton. You always have people to hang out with. You have a huge group to always have your back. You have a database of leadership development, advice, events, job openings, clothing sales, rides to chapter, and everything you could ever need. Throughout recruitment, you will find people like you. You will click with someone who will feel that. You will meet people with common interests. Just because one sorority doesn't match what you're looking for within one doesn't mean greek life isn't for you.


2. To Learn Leadership. 


Whether you're in every high school club offered or none, sororities aren't superficially invested. Every girl in my chapter wants to see me reach my goals. If I need help with a class, someone will go over notes with me. When I updated my major, my great-grand big told me which professors to take to get me to graduation. Everyone is rooting for you. And when you join committees and cabinet, people don't just root for you, they trust you. You learn how to coordinate events, communicate ideas, plan a schedule, balance a budget, lead a team, bring new ideas to the table. You learn how to do things you didn't really have the confidence to do. 


3. You don’t buy friends, you make them. 


Sorority bills are not cheap, but the friendships are priceless. A sorority took strangers and made them friends. If I walk into a dining hall full of people I’ve never met, a few Greek letters on a t-shirt lets me know I can sit there, I can talk with them, I'm accepted there, I can sit and enjoy my lunch. It's an invitation. It's inviting. My friends don't just take my pictures and pose with me in them. They come to my room when I'm sobbing. They hype me up when I get the position I wanted. They pray for me when I need an extra good word in with the big guy upstairs. They talk through things so much deeper than I could've imagined. These aren't supermodel lifestyles or fake friends. These are real people who help get you through real life. You get to borrow an outfit for the date night you've been waiting all month for. They make memories with you that you simply won't forget. The friends Delta Zeta has brought me, taught me what true genuine friendship looked like.


4. To grow. 


Greek life gets a bad rep about partying too hard, but my sorority brought me closer to Christ, closer to my community, and closer to my class. When I looked into rushing, people tell you that they share stories in the kitchen and work philanthropy events, but you don't always hear about everything that goes on behind the bid day glitter. Delta Zeta has a chaplain that hosts weekly Bible studies for our chapter, and I spent the past year at UGA attending every single one. It held me accountable. It gave me people who would notice if I wasn't there. It gave me relationships that want to push me farther into my faith. This bible study is just an option and isn't for everyone. But for me, this became something I looked forward to every single week. I got to keep it real with my life- brag about the wonderful ways God was working in it and talk through what wasn't going well and weighing on my heart. My sorority showed me that they didn't just care about borrowing a dress or eating together in the dining hall but they cared about who I was, how I felt, and how my life was going. Sorority Instagrams don't always show these life-changing relationships or eye-opening stories that happen over donuts and bibles.


5. To be better.


Delta Zeta opened my eyes to a community of deaf and hard of hearing people that I could help from the front lawn. It gave me a ride to a food bank that changed children's lives. It gave me friends that I am responsible to help, to love, to support. Not everyone in my pledge class is my best friend. You're always going to be closer to some people than others, but you should always support your sisters. It forced me to be intentional with my relationships with people and aim to pour into them the same way they do me. It gave me a group to call me out when I'm not acting like myself. I learned so much and grew tremendously, and I wouldn't change that growth and development for anything. This community is shaping me into who I want to be."


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