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BFFs, Seriously Though!

Lexi Domlija tells us how the friendships she has gained through Sigma Kappa have made her transition into college a lot easier than she expected. Keep reading to learn more:

"They say 'home is where the heart is' and from someone who has moved many times, I can attest to the truth of that cliché. When I decided to pack up and make yet another move to Athens, Georgia I knew exactly what to expect: I knew all about being a new girl but this time I thought it would be different. And it was! This move was my choice and this move was one of the best decisions I have made in my life thus far.

Part of what made this move to college so effortless and exciting was being a part of UGA’s Panhellenic right from the start. My sorority has given me some of my best friends. I am so grateful Sigma Kappa guided me towards life-long friends.

Life-long. For some it might seem difficult to imagine reminiscing about Thursdays at socials and Saturdays cheering on the dawgs with college friends in 20 years from now. But the truth is, it is not hard for me to see! I can truly see a future with these girls because, as cheesy as it sounds, we really are sisters. We all formed a special bond navigating through freshman year together-academically and socially. Every memory-laugh, smile and tear-is imprinted with them and their love. So yea, when we talk about our weddings and our children, I believe that I will be there for all of it and they will be there for me too.

It’s hard to imagine that so much will change next year but I am excited for the new memories we will make.

Home is where the heart is and I feel so at home here because of the love being part of UGA Panhellenic has offered me.

Not only do I love my own sorority sisters, but I am proud to say I have best friends in multiple other sororities. I am so grateful Panhellenic has created a community of people for me to feel at home with. I can't imagine my life at UGA without the amazing girls I have met here so far."

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