Getting Real About Recruitment

July 26, 2019

Ansley Cartwright shares about her sorority recruitment experience and general things to expect during each round. Keep reading for a few tips on navigating the recruitment process!

"As an incoming freshman at a university bigger than my hometown, I needed a  closer community. I wanted a close circle of friends, a place of accountability and a group to experience this new chapter with. At such a big place, there are so many ways to find your people. You become best friends in community dorm halls. You study together at campus coffee shops. You walk the same route to class every day and sprint to class together.


We find our people in the ways we involve ourselves. Between campus ministries, community service, study groups, student government and organizations for absolutely everything, you build upon your life at school. You build your friendships, your connections, your interests. 


Amongst other things, I chose to go through sorority recruitment. Though this process is often described as the worst, I enjoyed my experience in its entirety while getting involved in an organization I love. Here is a description of the week that changed my college life.

Round 1:
You will have the same conversation at just about every sorority as if your major or what you did this summer is significant enough to determine your placement in Greek life. During this round, you will go to every single one, so wear comfortable shoes. Don't be the girl begging for a bandaid for blisters. After this round, you rank your favorite sororities and they rank their favorite girls. Pay attention to who you connect with and take notes to help yourself decide. 

Round 2:
See which sororities invest their time in places and people you're passionate about. Which work directly in the community? Which are service-based and which are donation based? Why is their philanthropy important to them? How much do they keep up with their organization after their events? Have conversations not interviews. Consider how important philanthropy is to you and what you want out of it.


Round 3:
Don't focus on making their top list, focus on being real because if you end up in a sorority based on forced conversations, you won't be happy regardless of their reputation. They have to know who you really are before they can see if you're a good fit.


Round 4:
From rounds of you listing your top favorites and sororities listing theirs, you’re schedule will become less and less full throughout the week. By this round, also known as preference round, you will be down to one or two sororities on your itinerary. This round is full of seniors sharing their stories of why they chose their sorority. Sometimes girls share about how they found their home amongst the chaos of their life and others will talk about the times they utterly humiliated themselves with their sisters. Regardless of any other sororities that you were cut from before this round, focus on the ones you are at. You will end up where you belong. This should be fun; this is not meant to be stressful. It’s just girls meeting other girls.


You may have listed a sorority in your bottom and have them on your schedule the next day. Do not be rude. If you make the best of it, you will experience the best of it. Enjoy meeting new people and building potential friendships. In every sorority, there will be people you will get along with and people you don’t. 


These girls are passionate about their group. Do not disrespect what they invest their time, money, and energy into just because you don't think it's for you. Allow yourself to overcome the social rejection and use this time to make friends with your groups, the girls in line behind you, the sorority girls, and the billion people you're shoved up against on the bus. You will probably see these people again so might as well get to know them. 


Every girl going through recruitment will be cut by every single sorority except one by the end of it. When you get cut, they are not saying they don't want you, they are saying they don't think you would be happy in their group for one reason or another. They all want you to find a place where you fit in and are happy the way they are in their sorority even if their organization isn't going to be what's best for you."


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