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Dear Seniors, You've Got a Whole Year Left

Alpha Chi Omega, Megan Waterbor has a message for the seniors who are starting to develop 'senioritis.' Your time here is not done!

"As we settle into new-found routines this semester, I can’t help but feel excited. Excited to dig into my last year of classes, excited to spend time exploring Athens with friends. What I am truly excited for is the fact that, even four years into college, there are still new opportunities everywhere.

It is easy to find yourself caught up in class and clubs and the streamlined schedule that comes with figuring out what really matters to you after four years. But I would like to give a reminder that growing doesn’t end when you graduate. Growth happens before, during, and after. Though graduation is monumental, you still have a few months of change and living before, and why not use some of that time to hang out with a new member, and give someone an experience that they’ll hold onto the rest of their college career?

I would encourage seniors to not forget intentionality in making friends. I met some absolutely incredible seniors my freshman year that I still look up to, and I have to thank them endlessly for not only being kind, but being open to new friendships, even late in the game. Looking at my sorority experience now, Alpha Chi has been an incredible opportunity to not only meet and hang out with girls who have become indispensable supports, but also to meet other Panhellenic women, to meet women in the Multicultural Greek Council, and to find opportunities to meet people across campus who are involved in a multitude of organizations.

As your sorority expands, take that as a reminder that this university grows every year as well, and there are so many people who are looking to make new friends. As you sport your letters around campus (or even when you don’t), greet people with kindness, and you might even end up with a new friend."

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