What It’s Like to Live in a Sorority House

September 24, 2019

Peyton Kirby shares about what it's like living in the Alpha Gamma Delta house on Milledge:


"My freshman year at UGA, I lived in east campus in Building 1516. You could say I was living in luxury compared to the rest who got stuck in crusty Creswell. The one thing that the 1516 dorms missed out on however, was the community feel. Not living in a high-rise meant I did not have my door open 24/7 with people popping in and out and it wasn’t the “freshman experience” that a lot of people talked about. Sadly, there was some really cool girls on my hall that I didn’t get to meet until the spring semester because we kept to our own in our fancy room. I knew from day one that living in the Alpha Gam house was something I really wanted to do but the fact that I would be in a four girl room and that there would be so many people all the time stressed me out at first because it wasn’t something I was going to be used to! I wondered if I would ever get alone time and how it would work to have people coming in your rooms to hang out all the time. The first week of move in, school hadn’t even started yet and I was already so in love with in-house living. All the girls in my pledge class are so genuine and sweet and getting to feel comfortable going into any room in the house was such a good feeling. I love keeping the door to “The Cave” (my room) open as much as I can and always have sisters sitting around in our little living room area, talking or watching movies! I spend a lot of time in “The Jungle”  so sweet Caroline Pham can do my nails or in “Engagement” to go talk to Jess Meaders about anything that pops into my head. Anytime I go downstairs to eat, there is always so many welcoming faces to sit with and ask about your day and offer to drive you to class while you chow down on Ms. Linda’s best dishes (shout-out to the ham and cheese sliders). And thankfully anytime I want to chill out and get some alone time there is always a room in the house for me to relax and unwind in. I know the school year has just started but I need it to go as slow as possible! I am not ready to move out!"

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