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The Realities of College

Kappa Delta, Chaney Jassman, shares about her college experience thus far, and how it's different than what she expected.

"When coming to college, I automatically expected everything to be perfect. I expected to make genuine friends that would be there for there for the rest of my life, join an amazing sorority where I fit right in, and thrive in all of my classes. What I did not expect, however, was the homesickness that set in my first night in the dorm. I did not expect the infamous Creswell Cough, and other illnesses that came along with it. I did not expect to feel so alone--how could I feel so alone in the midst of thousands of people? College is supposed to be the best four years of my life, right?

All at once, my once pristine perception of what college would be was crumbling. I felt alone, I felt self-conscious, I felt intimidated, I felt like I didn’t belong here. Despite the excitement of Bid Day, socials, new classes, clubs, etc., I found myself at the same place every night—in my bed, with all of these feelings consuming me.

If you are a college student here, or even if you are an upcoming student, you either have or will experience one of these feelings. No matter how many distractions you fill your time with, we all go through it.

The thing is though, it gets better. All of these feelings consumed me the first few weeks of college. And I’m going to be honest here, it sucked. But it gets better. I have now made those friendships; I feel loved in my sorority; I’m working hard to succeed in my classes.

If you’re like me, and college at first glance doesn’t seem like all it’s cracked out to be—don’t give up. Whether you’re in a sorority, or Miracle, or the Redcoats, UGA is a place for everyone. In time, you will find your people, your organization, and your passion. So, don’t sweat the little things, get involved, and wake up every day excited to be at the best campus in the world."

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