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Eating your way through Athens on a Budget

Avery Hager, a sophomore Kappa Kappa Gamma, shares how she has learned to dine like a local, but on a college student budget.

Athens is home to some of the best restaurants around, however, a lot of these amazing finds come at the price. As someone who was never on the meal plan (major regret), I learned quickly how to explore Athens on my limited budget. Though lots of exploration, and stalking many food accounts, I learned the best way to save your money in Athens!

1. Sea bear happy hour!

Sea bear is one of those restaurants everyone suggests taking the parents. It is in my opinion one of the best outside seating restaurants in Athens and it’s an added bonus that you can bring your pup! Sea bear has two nightly happy hours where you can get every oyster for $1 a piece! This is my personal date night favorite!

2. LRG Provisions Meat and Three

LRG Provisions is the sister restaurant of everyone’s favorite, The Last Resort Grill. A great way to try out this restaurant is Tuesdays Meat and Three. The menu is limited but for just $14 you can get a choice of a few different meat options and three traditional southern sides. Also, for my fellow vegetarians you can sub out the meat main for another one of their amazing sides. This is also a great option for large groups because they are one of the few restaurants to allow reservations!

3. Porterhouse Lunch

Porterhouse is another restaurant that is praised for amazing food but is out of the budget for the typical college student. However, pop in for lunch and find a large variety of options all for under $10! You will get great food at a quality price without settling for small proportions. Choices include a Grouper Po’ Boy, Chicken Saltimbocca Sandwich, and a Half Pound Filet Burger!

4. Starland Pizza

A great deal regardless of time of Starland Slice and Salad! This deal gives you a large slice with one topping and a side salad. Starland also has great deals for group parties and allows you to rent out their whole upper floor! This is a great way to organize large group dinners especially before Formals or Semis!

5. Five Bar

My personal favorite deal in all of Athens. The Five Bar Burger and fries. This amazing deal costs only $5! The only catch is that this deal only applies to Tuesdays in September. However, this deal is the cheapest way to see one of Athens greatest restaurants without breaking the bank. You can get a beef or Veggie patty! I promise this deal is one worth waiting for!

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