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Community Service… at home... at a distance ~virtual volunteering~ if you will

  • Tutor (online)

Spread knowledge! Transitioning to online classes when you are used to a different format is NOT EASY. Teacher and students alike. Pay the knowledge you were fortunate to learn and understand forward to those who may need the help.

  • Be a great neighbor

Social… and I can’t stress this enough… distance. With that said, be a helping hand to those around you who may not have the resources, abilities or health that you do. Communication and safe practicing is key. Know that you must take care of yourself in order to be able to take care of others.

  • Monetary Fundraising

While all philanthropy events have been canceled, our efforts don't have to stop! Alpha Gamma Delta did an amazing job of transitioning their philanthropic efforts for food insecurity online with fundraising for Venmo donations through social media. It can be through an organization or for a cause close to your heart!

  • Clean House

Whether you’re quarantined in your childhood home, Athens apartment or anywhere in between, clean out your closet! When consignment locations open back up again, you can donate clothes/other clutter you may have cleaned out.

  • Give Blood

Pandemic or not, there is always a constant need for blood. The issue right now is people are scared to venture out and are canceling their donations. The Red Cross Association has extremely careful precautions in place to ensure maximum safety of donors. Make an appointment if you feel comfortable!

  • Transcribing

OK So I’ve never done this but it sounds super cool! You can sign up to help transcribe old historical documents for the Smithsonian. Learn about something new and hep the museum!

  • Learning Ally

This organization works to accommodate audio books for the blind! Delta Gamma members volunteer here frequently as it relates to their philanthropy. They are in need of narrators, readers and quality assurance of the audiobooks. Look into it!

  • Support Local

While most major restaurants, stores and public venues are closed, there are numerous small businesses that struggle in times like these. Most local restaurants and boutiques have curbside pickup/delivery in place.

  • Check in

Communicate with your loved ones! Mentally check in and be there for people who may be struggling. This pandemic has affected us all in different ways; be there for one another!

  • Pen-pals

While many of us are lucky enough to have family homes to return to, there are plenty of people who are quarantined alone and don’t have anyone to spend their time with. You don’t have to mail a letter (but you definitely can!). Send a text, face-time, Zoom, whatever works best! There are plenty of organizations that are connecting at risk/solo-quarantined elderly with people to keep them ~virtually~ company. Set a weekly time to call with that out of state peer, or the international student from your dorm! There are numerous platforms to be paired with a random penpal who may be struggling during COVID as well.

  • Inspire others

Everyone keeps talking about how we all have so much free time now, but am I the only one that seems to go to bed at 3am and wake up at noon feeling like I’ve wasted another day?? Share what inspires you with others, whether it’s art, music, photography, cooking, tik-toks, double-dutch, make-up… WHATEVER! What inspires you might inspire others.

Stay healthy and as always - GO DAWGS!

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