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Chi Omega's Lawndance

Laura Powell, a sophomore Chi O, shares all about their annual spring event called Lawndance:

Spring for Chi Omega’s means one thing: Lawndance! It’s truly everyone’s favorite day of the year and has even coined the name “Chi O Christmas” because we look forward to it all year round, counting down the days. We all hang out at Pappy’s Field for the day with all of our best friends surrounded by great food, a fun band, and beautiful weather! The morning of Lawndance resembles the excitement and joy of Christmas morning! The in-house girls all wake up super early and get ready together -- the Mullet is buzzing with excitement as everyone breaks out their spring outfits. The whole chapter loads up on buses and we all ride to Pappy’s. When we get there, everyone lays out their picnic blankets and sits down on the grass to enjoy some sunshine. We love having a day to enjoy the bright, sunny weather because it always falls around the time that Georgia is beginning to heat up. We love getting to feel the warm breeze after a long winter! After relaxing in the sun, lots of people choose to challenge their friends to a lawn game. Chi O’s can get pretty competitive and there’s nothing that brings it out more than a round of spikeball. It isn’t long until we start getting hungry, and luckily we always have a great lunch set out. This year Clarke’s Standard catered an amazing barbecue meal for us! One of the highlights of Lawndance is definitely the face-paint station. People get amazing designs ranging from a full-face tiger to delicate butterflies and stars! Things can get pretty intense with an airbrush painting station - we like to see who can get decked out with the best design. Lastly, who could forget about the music? Each year we have a band come play for us on the stage at the front of Pappy’s Field. This year’s band, Blanton Reed, was a big hit. Whether you want to sit down and vibe to the music or show off your best dance moves right up by the stage, everyone loves getting to see the live performance and listen to the great music. All in all, we love getting to enjoy such a fun event surrounded by the people we love! We’re so grateful for this spring tradition and it feels like it gets better and better with each year.


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