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Classic City Chic: Shopping in Athens, GA

Walking around Athens, everyone knows there is no shortage of shopping among the endless streets of boutiques and cute shops that every UGA student comes to love during their four years in Athens. With game days and events back in full swing, here are 10 of our favorite shopping spots in Athens!

  • Impeccable Pig

    • If you need a new dress for game day or a super soft hoodie for class the next day, Impeccable Pig has everything you need. And no worries, if you’re not in Athens for the weekend or home for the holidays, Impeccable Pig has multiple locations across the South as well as an extensive online shop.

    • Check out their Instagram page: @theimpeccablepig

  • American Threads

    • American Threads is beloved by all UGA students and is a perfect stop for all things red and black for game days or just to show off your UGA spirit. You can always find the cutest sets at Threads as well.

    • Check out their Instagram page: @threadsathens

  • Fabrik

    • Fabrik is a classic Athens favorite and you can always count on this store for the most adorable dresses and sweaters. There is always something cute you can find here for any occasion.

    • Check out their Instagram page: @fabrikathens

  • Fringe

    • Right across the street from Fabrik and Impeccable Pig, you’ll find Fringe - a staple store among myself and my friends. Whether I need a new skirt or want a new accessory, Fringe always has my back. And trust me if you ever need a gift for a friend that doesn't go to UGA, Fringe will never disappoint.

    • Check out their Instagram page: @fringeathens

  • Pitaya

    • Across college towns in the United States, Pitaya is definitely a favorite. Whether you need a soft new tank top or a stand-out dress for an event, you will find what you are looking for at Pitaya. And always check out the accessories before you leave!

    • Check out their Instagram page: @shoppitaya

  • Cheeky Peach

    • Walking around downtown Athens, you just have to stop into Cheeky Peach! While they have just recently opened a second location in Atlanta, the Athens storefront is their OG and filled with trendy jeans, colorful jewelry and clothes galore!

    • Check out their Instagram page: @cheekypeach

  • Red Dress Boutique

    • Red Dress Boutique is an Athens favorite and is the only storefront shop for Red Dress Boutique! Located right in college square, Red Dress Boutique has everything you could ever be looking for. Next time you find yourself needing a study break on North Campus, make a quick trip across the street and pop into Red Dress Boutique.

    • Check out their Instagram page: @reddressathens

  • Dress Up

    • Another close-to-campus option is Dress Up! With a huge selection of outfits and staple pieces, you will always find something cute here. One of my go-to black tops is from Dress Up and stands the test of time!

    • Check out their Instagram page: @dressupathens

  • Indigo Child

    • The Indigo Child is loved by so many UGA students and for great reason! They also have a sister store: The Indigo Home which is right next door and home to the cutest home decor! Whether you are looking for accessories or a pair of new favorite jeans - check out the Indigo Child for everything!

    • Check out their Instagram page: @shoptheindigochild

  • B - Unlimited

    • In search of the cutest Georgia t-shirts or sweatshirts? Well, look no further than B-Unlimited! You will never fail to find the softest and most adorable t-shirts here that are loved by all.

    • Check out their Instagram page: @bunlimitedgeorgia

So next time you just need some retail therapy or something to do with friends, shopping in Athens will never fail you and we hope you love these local stores (+ more!) as much as we do!


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