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To many, when September comes around, thoughts become geared towards school as homework picks up, studying becomes part of the everyday routine, and the last moments of summer are gone. Another school year has officially begun.

But the month of September also signals the start of something wonderful. And no, it’s not football season (though that is pretty wonderful), but rather, fall.

Fall has always been a favorite season of mine. I love the change in weather as the summer humidity begins to fade, the leaves on the trees changing colors, the switch from iced coffees to hot ones, and the boots and sweaters that are finally brought out of closets. This is what I think of when I think of fall. But then again, I’m from Chicago. Here in Georgia, things look a little different. The summer humidity is still present, the trees determinedly stay green, iced pumpkin spiced lattes and pumpkin cream cold brews are our best friends, and despite only wearing a lulu skirt and tank top, I’m still dripping sweat on the way to class. Yes, the months of September and October look a little different here. Yet it’s still fall.

With all of the stress that comes hand in hand with a new school year, it can be hard to get into the fall spirit. But it is definitely possible! Here are some of my personal favorite things to do to make the months of September through November feel much more magical than they may seem.

  1. Rewatching my favorite show Gilmore Girls is definitely a must! The feel good fall vibes never fail to put me into a festive mood. And of course I can’t watch it without a cup of coffee!

  2. Going to Trader Joe’s and buying all the fall items is one thing I look forward to the most at this time of year! I’m there the second the pumpkin biscotti is back in stock (I highly recommend trying it if you haven’t).

  3. Taking a walk through North Campus when the leaves start to change always reminds me of how beautiful UGA’s campus is.

  4. Going to a pumpkin patch with your best friends and taking lots of cute pictures is the perfect way to get into the spirit!

  5. Have a movie night in and rewatch all the Disney classics: Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Twitches, all of them! Nothing brings the fall spirit like the comfort of some childhood classics!

  6. Study at Jittery Joes with a hot pumpkin latte (with oat milk of course).

  7. Decorate your room with some fall decor. Target has a great section with delicious smelling candles and adorable ceramic pumpkins!

  8. Fashion, fashion, fashion!! Nothing beats the back to school blues like a trip to Pitaya for some sweaters and booties!

  9. Go to a haunted house if you’re feeling like you want to get into the Halloween Spirit. Scaring your friends is always a plus!

  10. Spend a night baking with friends and try a new fall recipe. Literally anything pumpkin flavored works and is absolutely delicious!

These 10 activities are a great way to get away from some of the stress from school and get into the fall spirit! But the best way to celebrate these magical months is by spending time with your best friends and making the most of your time with them. Happy Fall!


Katie Hughes

Gamma Phi Beta PC 21


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