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Sophomore Kappa Alpha Theta, Ellie Leutters, is our Fall Feature for the month of September! Ellie is a finance major in the Terry College of Business - talk about a fierce female! With a major and field in general that are comprised of so many males, Ellie’s confidence and hard work allow her to push boundaries and defy expectations both on and off of the UGA campus. Ellie does not let any obstacle get in her way and continuously perseveres to reach success. We have no doubt that Ellie will influence the financial world and everyone around her with her passion and revolutionary ideas. With Ellie in it, the future of finance is definitely female. Ellie is an inspiration to all and we are so lucky to have her as a member of the Panhellenic community!

Again, a HUGE shoutout to Ellie and a big thank you to Quinn Phillips for nominating such an excellent member of our Panhellenic community for this month’s Fall Feature!


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