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Here at the University of Georgia, spring break is fast approaching! You and your friends might be soaking up the sun at the beach or cooling down and hiking in the mountains. Either way everyone can use a spring break guide with packing lists and tips and tricks to make your spring break the best one yet!

Tips & Tricks for all vacations

1. Packing Cubes!

If you have ever started packing for an overnight trip, you probably have run into the problem of your suitcase overflowing. With all of the outfits you can not go without cutting out some of your cute clothes just seems like a bummer. Well good thing you no longer have to worry! Amazon has cheap and efficient packing cubes that can help you organize and fit all of your essential clothes, shoes, tolietries, etc... to make sure you do not have to leave anything behind. This is one of the best tools you can use to make packing that much easier!

2. Dry Shampoo is Your New Best Friend

I'm not sure if you are like me, but I know when I am having fun it usually means I am not ready to leave for anything, especially to go wash and dry my hair! You might be wondering, how can I keep it clean without washing it every night on vacation? Two words. Dry Shampoo. Right after a shower just spray some of this in your hair and you will be good to go in seconds! This works wonders for anyone going to the beach or hiking on spring break. It can hold you over until you have the down time to go wash your hair later in the night.

3. Drink Some Water

I know I know...I sound like a mom by saying drink your water. Let me tell you how important this is. I hope you are having so much fun you have to remind yourself to drink your water, but it is so important to keep a water bottle on you at all times! A hack with this is to just keep a water bottle in your bag or purse to go back to every thirty minutes to an hour! It is so easy to get behind on your water intake when you are busy and having a blast. Trust me, you will thank me later!

4. Bring out your inner Chef

With all of the new google recipes and Tik Tok cooking trends, making a meal at home is as easy as ever. Plus, it's cheaper! Whether you are with your friends or family find a new easy recipe to make and cook it together. It can save you a trip to a fancy restaurant is an easy laidback night at home or in a condo! This is perfect after a long day on the beach or on the mountain.

5. Games, Games, Games

Down time is inevitable. That could mean laying on the beach or just sitting inside chilling out with friends. This is a perfect time for games. If you are on the beach bring a ball or game of spike ball to play! Inside games can be board games or new card games (cool ones found at target) . If you are wanting to make things interesting, make these games a competition and create teams to play on! This can be the most fun parts of vacations and can make things fun for everyone.

6. Activity Ideas

Sometimes after a few days it is time to get out of the house or away from the mountains or beach, and go explore. What is better than finding an activity to do in town? Some of these can include

  1. A movie night (theater style)

  2. Go shopping

  3. Mini Golf!

  4. Ice cream break

  5. Escape rooms

  6. Find an Arcade

  7. Pet some animals at a Zoo

  8. Bike rides!

  9. Go on a hike or a walk

  10. Do some yoga on the beach

  11. Find live music

  12. A concert

  13. Cool restaurant!

  14. Visit a Museum

Beach Packing List

-T-shirts for lounging


-cute outfits for dinner

-jean shorts

-bathing suits

-flip flops

-tennis shoes




-cover up





-Hair tools and ties

-Beach towels/chairs

-sunscreen/tan oil



Mountain Packing List



-t-shirts for lounging


-jackets of all kinds


-tennis shoes

-rain jacket




-cute outfits for occasions

-athletic clothing

-hair tools and ties




Safety Tips:

Last but not least, here are a few safety tips for 2022 spring break!

1) First tip: Stay together! You have probably heard this one since you were three years old, but staying in a group or with a friend is so important when going out of town! Make sure you always have someone with you to get you home or help you in any situation!

2) Second Tip: This one is for my girls who are headed out of the country this spring break! Be careful and aware of pick pockets. People from other countries will snag your stuff out of a backpack or purse quick so be alert. We don't want anything valuable stolen!

3) Third Tip: This one is for the safety of your skin! Wear Sunscreen. While tan lines can be so fun, what is not so fun are sunburns! Mix in sunscreen with the tanning oil and I promise you will still be glowing at the end of the week! It is so important

4) Fourth Tip: Keep your phone charged. This is key when it comes to communicating to a group! It is also always a good idea to keep your phone charged incase of emergency situations!

5) Fifth Tip: The fifth and final safety tip, arrive safely!! I know snapchats and tik toks are fun but the most important tip is too stay alert when driving. Especially when you are going on longggg road trips next week!

My final advice to you for next week is HAVE FUN! Spring break is such a fun time so make the most of it!

Have a wonderful and safe spring break!

Love, UGA Panhellenic


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