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Vest Life, Best Life

Congratulations to the girls who were selcted to be Gamma Chis for 2015 Recruitment! 100 amazing girls were chosen to lead groups of Potential New Members through the week long process. They will go through training days, meetings, and a retreat to prepare. Thanks to Blane Marable Photography for the awesome images! And another congratulations to our new Blue Vests!

Eva A.

Janice A.

Natalie A.

Gracyn B.

Olivia B.

Savannah B.

Kendall B.

Abby B.

Annelise B.

Alexa B.

Ashleigh B.

Katherine B.

Isabel B.

Lauren B.

Joycie B.

Sarah B.

Ally C.

Kelly C.

Ally C.

Kelly C.

Jennie C.

Darby C.

Sara C.

Emma D.

Madeline D.

Brittany D.

Natalie D.

Nicole E.

Meganne E.

Mary F. Grace F.

Meredith F.

Jessie G.

Mamie G.

Emily G.

Nicole G.

Grace G.

Tracy H.

Katie H.

Shannon H.

Dana H.

Camellia H.

Anna H.

Abigail H.

Isabella H.

Kara H.

Taylor H.

Catherine J.

Christina J.

Dallas K.

Courtney K.

Peri L.

Rebeka L.

Rachel L.

Heather M.

Emma M.

Tayor M.

Emily M.

Ashley M.

Anna Kate M.

Leslie N.

Bethany N.

Shannon N.

Keilea O.

Amanda P.

Katelynn P.

Caroline P.

Elise R.

Marie R.

Meredith R.

Caroline R.

Jenna R.

Emily S.

Lauren S.

Audrey V.

Kathryn W.

Sydney W.

Erin W.

Carly W.

Alex W.

Lindsay W.

Margaret W.

Shannon W.

Alexandra W.

Mckinley W.

Hannah W.

Kerby W.

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