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Introducing the 2023 junior panhellenic council!

We are so excited that the new Junior Panhellenic representatives from each chapter have joined the Panhellenic Council! They are already such valuable assets to Panhellenic, and we wanted to share how great they are with you! Read below to find out a little more about why they decided to apply for JPpan, or what they are most excited about for JPan- oh and of course, what Taylor Swift era they’re in! Kicking it off is our Director of Junior Panhellenic, Madison Winston, who says she is in her Speak Now era!

Can’t get enough of JPan? Junior Panhellenic is partnering with UGAMiracle to fundraise for Miracle and the Boys and Girls Club of Athens! Head to the the UGAMiracle Website, or follow this link to purchase a super cute shirt and show some good ol’ SEC rivalry!


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