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If you are anything like me, Halloween might just be one of your favorite holidays. As the leaves fall off the trees and the weather gets chilly, what could be better than grabbing some cider and candy corn for a movie night? I can answer that for you, NOTHING! We are here to give you our top 10 spooky movies for a perfect girl's night in. So grab your favorite snack and a blanket, this is going to be good!

#1-Hocus Pocus

Hocus Pocus is one of the all-time greatest halloween movies to exist. Not only is it kid friendly, but who doesn't love a great Disney classic?

#2- Twitches

Another day, another Disney movie!
I have to say, this might be my personal favorite.

#3- Halloween (1978 Version)

For any of my scary movie lovers, This one is for you! Almost everyone has heard of the movie about the scary Michael Myers. If you want a good spook, watch this one with some friends!

#4 Halloweentown

A childhood favorite! If you have not seen this movie, run to your TV! Disney made a hit when they made Halloweentown.

#5- The Nightmare before christmas

If you are an all-around Holiday junkie, this one is for you! The crossover between Halloween and Christmas just gets better and better every time I watch this one!

#6- Casper

For those who need a friendly ghost to watch, Casper is your movie! I mean, who wouldn't want want to watch this cute ghost on the big screen?

#7- Poltergeist

Hitting you with another scary movie for a night in of spooks! This one is not for the faint of heart, but it sure is a classic!

#8- Coraline

Who doesn't love a fun-loving but creepy classic? Grab your popcorn and watch this animated masterpiece with some friends.

#9- The Addams Family

This one is an absolute classic for all ages! The best part is, there's a cartoon version as well! No matter if you are feeling fun with the cartoon film or want to watch the original, you're in for a "treat" with this one.

#10- The Haunted Mansion

You might have ridden the ride at Disney, but did you know the movie was great too? The Haunted Mansion is a perfect addition to your Halloween movie night.

Special mentions:
There are our top 10 movies we think you should add to your next Halloween movie night, but... we have FIVE special mentions you have to know about!
1. Halloween episodes of the Office
2. Friend's Halloween specials
3. Dracula (The movie)
4. The Simpson's Halloween specials
5. It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown

No matter which Halloween movies you choose to watch this year, we wish you a happy holidays!
P.S. maybe you will find some costume inspiration in one of these fabulous films...


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