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Kappa Delta Spotlight

Kappa Delta is committed to providing opportunities and experiences that build confidence and inspire women to greatness. This is the vision that the founders created for KD women 118 years ago. This vision is the foundation for why the sisters do what they do with the Girl Scouts of America. The Girl Scouts of America are one of Kappa Delta’s two philanthropies. What is so special about working with the Girl Scouts is that the women get to see the direct impact they are making each time they come to the KD house. This past January, KD hosted a campus tour for the Girl Scouts of the Athens and Atlanta areas. They had the privilege of being their personal tour guides for the day by showing them around North Campus at UGA. The sisters shared stories from their own experiences of jumping in the fountain and going to football games in Sanford stadium; they also rang the bell with each of the girls in celebration of the Dawgs! The Campus Tour is one of KD's favorite annual Girl Scout events because of the variety of girls that come to see why they love Athens so much. The troops range from Daisies to Ambassadors, so they have the opportunity to interact with multiple types of girls. The Campus Tour allows the sisters of KD to show the Girl Scouts that they can accomplish their dreams of getting in to the University of Georgia, or any university they desire to attend, just as they did. Kappa Delta encourages them to reach for the stars and work hard to get where they want to be. The girls always leave with big smiles on their faces which inspires KD to keep doing what we do.

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