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Gamma Phi Beta Spotlight

On April 11, a line of visitors with announcements waited outside Gamma Phi Beta’s chapter room, but the girls inside could hardly wait to hear from their strong sister at the end of the line. Sabrina Ettinger, a sophomore in PC14, was finally home at 397.

Sabrina was hospitalized April 1 after a seizure early Friday morning. Her roommates and Gamma Phi’s housemother stayed with her until her parents arrived at Athens Regional, where they would stay for over a week. Spending long hours in the small waiting room on the second floor could have been lonely, yet Sabrina’s family was anything but that. Throughout Sabrina’s stay in the intensive care unit, her family was surrounded by visitors bringing meals, leaving gifts, and chatting for hours. The few couches were constantly filled with sisters while the small table overflowed with flowers, cards, and food.

However, Gamma Phis were not the only ones showing their support. Sabrina was touched when Alpha Chi Omega delivered a card signed by the whole sorority and Pi Beta Phi sent her mother a cute picture. Knowing there were hundreds of women throughout the Panhellenic community thinking about their family and praying for a speedy recovery meant the world to Sabrina’s family. Gamma Phi and the Ettinger family are grateful for the love and support all of her sisters and the Panhellenic community showed for Sabrina throughout her stay.

Panhellenic is so proud of Sabrina and of her strength and positivity. Welcome home, Sabrina! We love you so much!

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