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Time to Tee It Up at Augusta National

As the school year comes to a close, the sisters of Chi Omega have been busy with the completion of their spring philanthropy, attending other Greek life's spring events, and finishing up the academic year. However, on April 10th, three sisters of Chi O had a break from the hustle and bustle of Athens. Sibley McCallie, Garrett Mixon, and Emily Dye had the opportunity to go to the Masters golf tournament. Sibley is from Augusta, so she enjoyed hosting her best friends in her hometown and getting to show them around the best parts of Augusta, then National of course! At the tournament itself, the girls got to eat the famous egg salad sandwiches, buy matching Masters T-shirts, and even met Niall from One Direction. As the day went on, Sibley, Garrett, and Emily walked around the different holes until about 3:30, when they planted themselves at the 18th hole and stayed there to watch all the finishers come through. Sibley said, "I have been to the Masters before, but have never had the luxury of having a good enough view to see the winner finish, so seeing it this year with my best friends was so special. It was a great start to the last four weeks of school!"

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