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Recruitment Rockstars

This year, Sigma Delta Tau was so excited to have Lena Hirsch and Sarah Jacobson as their Vice Presidents of Recruitment. Lena and Sarah worked tirelessly for the majority of the year thinking of new ideas for recruitment and how to ensure that SDT brought in their best pledge class yet. The VP’s created some fun, new cheers and dances to perform during the rounds, and they even taught new techniques on how to ensure the best recruitment conversations possible. Once recruitment began and the planning process was over, Lena and Sarah were there for every member of the chapter who needed help or had questions; they remained extremely calm and collected despite it being their busiest week of the year – they even cracked some jokes in the process to make sure that everyone was laughing and having fun! The Eta chapter could not have been more thankful to have had Lena and Sarah lead them through recruitment; they showed their love for the Recruitment Chairs by chipping in to get the girls (and the President, Erin Beiner) gift cards to their favorite restaurants, Last Resort and Pauley’s! Once bid day came along, it was extremely apparent that Lena and Sarah’s hard work had truly paid off. So many amazing girls walked off the bus, and the entire SDT chapter couldn’t have been more excited to meet their newest members. Sigma Delta Tau had an amazing recruitment this year and can’t wait for a wonderful year with our newest members!

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