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Color Me Gamma Phi Beta

After the stressful weeks between recruitment and class, Gamma Phi Beta recently kicked back with a color fight sisterhood event. Although the weather did not look promising at first, the rain lifted and the sky cleared, making it the perfect background for Education Vice President Sepeideh Jahangard’s sisterhood event that allowed the new and old members to come together for the first time since bid day.

Gamma Phi’s all dressed in white were scattered around the lawn, bags of chalk in hand. When they said the words, a cloud of colored chalk and the sound of screaming and laughing surrounded them all. The laughter, hugs, and of course vibrant color, was the perfect opportunity for one talented sister, Erin Caplan, to practice her photography skills. Camera in hand, Erin dodged in and out of sisters capturing color bombs and chalk-in-teeth smiles. Member Kristen Pisano said, "Erin is so talented, and we are so lucky to have her in our sisterhood to capture sweet moments, like the one pictured below!"

Once the chalk had run out, sisters sat on the porch and enjoyed end-of-summer ice pops and (attempted) to get the chalk off before heading to their other events for the night. The cleanup may not have been the easiest, but this event sure was worth it. Nothing says sisterhood like throwing a handful of colored chalk into each other’s faces and hair! Pisano said "Thank you, Sepeideh, for bringing us all a little closer with your super unique event that the sisters, old and new, will never forget!"

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