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December 7, 2016

UGA HEROs is a student organization that exists to provide awareness and quality-of-life care for the 12,000 kids in Georgia infected or affected by HIV/AIDS.


Currently, HEROs is the only organization in the state that raises money for the children impacted by HIV/AIDS. With more than 2,000 members, individual fundraising helps to support unique opportunities for the children to attend free summer camp that otherwise would not be feasible. 


Not only does HEROs provide finical support, but the members serve as mentors to the kids. They invest time in the children’s lives by hosting and attending Kids Events. Each child’s story is different, but the members of UGA HEROs have made it their mission to challenge the circumstances and stigmas of the HIV/AIDS disease.  


On December 4, 2016 UGA HEROs released their final fundraising amount for the year – surpassing their goals with a total of $354,190!!


Kathryn Kotsovetsky, a junior Alpha Delta Pi and Team Leader, said, “I love UGA HEROs because of the kids we fundraise for – it's so rewarding to be able to get to know them at the Kid Events and then be able to help them to go to camp. Also, it’s incredible to be able to work with everyone in the organization and become close to one another. That was the best part of the total reveal – knowing all of our hard work paid off for the kids we love so much while great memories were made.”


Kate Lane, a sophomore Alpha Delta Pi and Team Leader, said, “I love HEROs because the cause is often overlooked. We are the only organization raising money for our kids. Along with finding a purpose in HEROs, I have made amazing friends that have become like family to me.”


Both of these girls represent the heart behind UGA HEROs success thus far. We are so grateful for the selflessness they put forth!! 



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