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Scholarship & Sisterhood

As we round this corner we call January and head into the new year, our necks are still sore from spending hours bent over our laptops studying for finals in December and our minds busying are bouncing around ideas of what the spring semester may hold. The green lawns of Milledge Avenue filled with people and purpose as Greek organizations host philanthropy events in the warm weather, the high hopes of a short winter and a successful basketball team, and the impending doom of an early spring break; needless to say, coming back from winter break is not always the easiest time to focus on the reality of the schoolwork that comes along with going to a school deemed a Public Ivy League.

However, members of the education committee at Kappa Kappa Gamma, spearheaded by sophomore Avery Whitehead, have used their innovation to battle the Spring Fever. Particularly, Avery has taken this new year by force. Avery and the education committee have already compiled a spreadsheet for members to fill out with their hardest courses, so that the committee can begin contacting tutors in preparation for midterms and final exams. In addition, she has set up three new online resources for members to create study sets and customize course material to easily study with fellow sisters.

Avery has gone above and beyond to ensure that her fellow sorority sisters have all of the required tools to continue being successful in the coming months, all while maintaining her own school work as a double major in Political Science and Public Relations. Catch her at the front desk of the visitors office or around campus in her red collared shirt working as a tour guide. Everyone could use a sister like Avery!

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