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Alpha Gam Serves

"To welcome the opportunity of contributing the the world's work." A line from the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose, this quote has taught Alpha Gams across the nation the importance of serving their communities. From Sunday, February 12 through Saturday, February 18, Alpha Gamma Delta launched their second annual "Week of Service," and the Gamma Alpha chapter at the University of Georgia actively participated.

Whether it was packaging meals for the homeless, volunteering with Extra Special People, standing for twenty-four hours at Dance Marathon or making Valentine's Day card for the elderly, the Alpha Gams served in any way possible! Sophomore, Xavier Morgan, did her part by donating her hair FTK at Dance Marathon last Saturday. Overall, the Gamma Alpha chapter's members recorded over 975 service hours, as a whole.

The "Week of Service" challenged Alpha Gams to follow the Purpose and give back to the community where they are placed. The Philanthropy Coordinator, Sara Catherine Rogers, adds “My favorite part of Week of Service was volunteering with a group of 20 sisters at the Food Bank of Northeast Georgia. It was so amazing to see how eager these girls were to pack over 600 bags of bread for those in need. It has inspired me and other sisters to want to volunteer there more often since it was genuinely a fun experience.” Many Alpha Gams found this service opportunity quite rewarding, considering that Alpha Gamma Delta is shifting the focus of the fraternity's philanthropy. Alpha Gam raises money for the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, which has supported diabetes awareness and education in the past. Going forward, the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation will be transitioning to hunger-related causes. The Gamma Alpha chapter is proud to have members who are so passionate about serving the community, especially when it correlates with the chapter's new philanthropy. Keep up the great work, ladies!

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