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ESP x The Student Pantry

If you have never had the opportunity to stop by Tate 146, you certainly are missing out! The Student Pantry aims to serve UGA's students in need, by providing non-perishable and refrigerated food items. With rapid growth in the recent months, the Student Pantry is an incredible resource that many students are extremely thankful for. In order to keep the Student Pantry operating, each of the eighteen Panhellenic sororities donate food each month and staff the pantry with volunteers from 10am-2pm every Monday through Friday.

However, on March 23 and April 6, the Student Pantry welcomed new volunteers—the member of Extra Special People! ESP strives to provide a forum for individuals with developmental disabilities to build relationships and confidence. During each of the afternoons, women of the Panhellenic Council and members of Extra Special People worked together to stock and organize the Student Pantry. UGA Panhellenic's Student Pantry Committee Director, Melanie Garlock, exclaims "I knew I always wanted to be apart of ESP and I finally joined this past semester, which has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Becoming the director of the UGA Student Pantry not only has allowed me the opportunity to reach out to ESP in ways unimaginable, but other UGA students and faculty as well. I believe that anyone who has volunteered with either the Student Pantry or ESP can truthfully tell you that what seems to be a simple hour out of their day has the capability to better not only their life but others as well!" UGA Panhellenic is proud to have a member like Melanie, who is so passionate about both the Student Pantry and Extra Special People!

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