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Gamma Chi Advice: Round One

TODAY IS THE DAY! Panhellenic Recruitment 2017 officially begins today and everyone is so overjoyed! Each of the eighteen chapters cannot wait to welcome the Potential New Members (PNMs) through their doors, the Gamma Chis are so eager to watch the PNMs experience Recruitment week and the PNMs, themselves, are beaming with excitement.

Before the round starts in just a few hours, some of the ninety-four Gamma Chis want to offer advice to the PNMs. Gamma Chi, Melanie (Group 77), urges PNMs to wear flat, comfortable shoes throughout both days of Round One. Kathy (Group 56) has one simple piece of advice for PNMs and that is "to always have a smile on your face!" Another important thing to be remember is to "not take the experience too seriously! Just have fun and be yourself, says Mary Kate (Group 75). Sheridan (Group 91) urges PNMs "to stay positive because a positive mind is a clear mind. You're gonna kill it; just be yourself!" Gamma Chi, Lauren (Group 66) wants to remind PNMs that they are worth more than a 3 minute conversation. "The girls want to get to know you so be yourselves! It'll be loud and it might be a hard week but the Gamma Chis are here for you and it's all about keeping a positive attitude," she adds.

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