Keeping Up With the Gamma Chi: Maddie

September 8, 2017

Keeping up with the Kardashians has nothing on keeping up with our Gamma Chi, Maddie Howell. We missed our Gamma Chis while they were disaffiliated, but we are so excited to hear about their experiences! Maddie Howell is a junior, majoring in Social Work. She is a Young Life Leader, and her dream job is to be on Young Life Staff in Haiti one day. Let’s hear a little about her experience as a Gamma Chi this year!


(Pictured: Maddie, Cammie, and Ellie)


Favorite part of being a Gamma Chi?

“I love getting to meet so many girls going into Freshman year! This is their first taste of college, and it is really sweet getting to be one of the first faces they see. I love being someone that can show them that their value and purpose in life is so much greater than the recruitment process.”


Favorite memory as a Gamma Chi?

“When me and my friend Alex were on the way to Hobby Lobby to buy things for our blue vests, we ran out of gas…. we were literally stopped in the middle of the street outside of bolton! This nice man had to come help us. We made it to the store at 7:59, and squeezed in the door just before it closed.”


How did you decide what you were going to do with your vest?

“I am not a planner, so I pretty much just took random things that people had extra of. I also printed out things that I love to put in the blank buttons I had! It could’ve been better, but I think it represented me well.”


What do you miss about being a Gamma Chi/Recruitment week?

“I miss getting to run around and be stupid. No one cares what you wear or how weird you are and it’s awesome!!!”

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