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A Freshman Perspective

Written by Hollen Vitale, a first-year member of Kappa Delta.


Recruitment was an overwhelming, exciting, and interesting experience. The yelling, the repeated conversations, and the running back and forth between houses made for the best outcome of the hectic week. Coming into the week, I was confused on how the system worked, how I would get matched with my perfect fit, and most importantly, how I would have the same Greek Life experience as my mom, siblings, and older friends.

I decided to go through Recruitment in the first place because two of my brothers, several older friends, and both of my parents participated in Greek Life at the University of Georgia. Listening to their experiences, seeing their fun, and meeting their lifelong friends made me want the same for myself.

On Preferential Round of Recruitment, I had a tough decision to make. After sitting in the Tate Student Center starring at the paper for a long two hours, I finally made my decision. I did not choose my sorority because of friends, family or my legacy status; instead, I chose it because I knew it would benefit me best over my next four years.

I do not have one regret choosing Kappa Delta. I have already met lifelong friends, made countless memories, and I have come to love being a Kappa Delta. Being in a sorority has already been one of my best experiences ever. As I continue to make new friends and memories, my appreciation for the University of Georgia, Greek Life, and Athens grows even stronger.

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