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Welcome To My Crib Wednesday: Chi Omega

Chi Omega, located at 324 South Milledge is home to 70 women. It might seem small from the front, but the back hall is full of almost the entire sophomore class along with the executive members on the top floor. With that many girls, Chi Omega is one of the biggest sorority houses on campus. Only two girls share each room, and people usually hang out in the hallways and the chapter room. Each room is decorated individually suited to the girls in the room, and walking up and down the hall many different styles can be seen. The chapter room, in the front of the house, is adjacent to a parlor room and a kitchen. While meals are only served during normal times, there are plentiful snacks that are always stocked for a grab-and-go. Each floor has a small kitchenette that includes a fridge stocked with fresh food, a microwave and a cold-water fountain. On the third floor there is a study room with many tables, comfy couches and computers. On Sundays you can find this study room busy with people, all silently studying. On the other side of the hall is the Owl Room, where there is a TV that movies are constantly playing on. The courtyard, the best part of Chi Omega’s house, is perfect for studying or reading on sunny days. The front lawn is also a great place to spread out a blanket and enjoy a nice day. With the chapter room in the front and the living quarters in the back, the Chi Omegas like to call their home the mullet.

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