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Tri Deltas Take Cali: Spring Break 2018

This spring break some lucky freshmen got the chance to explore California for five days. These nine girls got to travel to Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Malibu, and West Hollywood. On the first day, they hit Rodeo Drive to explore the local coffee shops and high-end stores. Later that day, they went to one of the Kardashian's stores, DASH. The next day, they went shopping at some of the local boutiques in Simi Valley and later headed to Nobu in Malibu. While it was expensive, they said that it was by far the best meal they had throughout their entire trip. After Nobu, they headed to Venice beach to people watch and check out the local tourist shops. Emily Reger (front row, yellow shirt), stated that one of her favorite parts of the entire trip was watching the locals skate at the skate park at Venice Beach. “They were so confident in every trick they completed no matter how many people were watching”. After that long day, the girls headed home to hang out by the pool. For the third day, the girls headed back to Venice Beach and also explored the Santa Monica Pier. The pier was

full of roller coasters, carnival games, and good restaurants. Even on a cloudy day, the pier was still packed full of people. On the last day, they wanted a relaxing day on a Malibu beach. Before heading to the beach, they went to a restaurant on the Malibu Pier called Malibu Farms. After a beach day and great food, the girls had a relaxing night at home before departing from California.

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