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Welcome to My Crib Wednesday: Alpha Gamma Delta

If you open up the Tiffany glass front doors to the giant white house on the corner of Baxter and Milledge, you’ll walk inside to one of the oldest and most historic sorority houses on campus. The Alpha Gamma Delta house at The University of Georgia was built in 1896. Known as a wedding cake house based on the well-known story of it as a gift from a dad to his daughter on her wedding day, the house has been both a family home and a local inn before transitioning into the massive sorority house it is today.

With 71 girls in house, Alpha Gam is always alive with sisters studying throughout the various rooms downstairs. A favorite among girls is the TV Room with a beautiful mural of Athens painted on the wall, created by a guest from when the house was an inn. Next to the TV Room is the Sun Room which, before renovations in 2013, was a porch. Now the Sun Room is a great study spot with lots of windows and natural lighting.

Some of the most deep rooted historical parts of the Alpha Gamma Delta house are the elements that were kept when the house was built and that are still around today. For example, there’s a beautiful grand piano in the music room which may not work anymore but is still a favorite among the Alpha Gamma Delta sisters. Along with the flooring in the foyer there is also, an old chaperone’s chair that date back to 1896.

The Alpha Gamma Delta house if full of history from the past and is continuing to make history now as the beloved home of so many Alpha Gams.

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