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Shop 'till You Drop

With the recruitment sign up just opening up I’m sure that everyone is already thinking about what they are going to wear in August! If you find yourself in Athens, there are a plethora of amazing shops that have everything you would need for rush week as well as sorority life in general! Whether it is American Threads, Cheeky Peach, Fringe, Impeccable Pig, Urban Outfitters or so any other shop in Athens, there is no doubt you will be dressed head to toe, in the most up to date fashion. One of the top favorite things about Athens are the small businesses and the thrift shops. You can find these shops perfect for socials as no matter the theme, they will always have the perfect quirky accessories and pieces of clothing that will make you fit in perfectly! American Threads is a fan favorite because they have some of the cutest clothing that is fairly affordable for college students in Athens. Whether you need a new pair of shoes, a new romper, a dress for semi-formal, a bathing suit for the summer, or the perfect necklace to complete your look, American Threads had it. Not only did they have it though, their clothing was all extremely cute. Athens shops are bound to clear out your wallet and fill up your closet! You can never go wrong with spending a day shopping downtown as they have so many stores with the cutest articles of clothing!

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