Pizza Party with Kappa Kappa Gamma

Kappa Kappa Gamma hosted a random act of kindness event. The event was scheduled from 11am- 2pm, and free pieces of cheese and pepperoni pizza were given out at the Tate Student Plaza. No Catch. No Signing up for anything. Just free pizza to brighten a Wednesday. Many of KKG's new freshman volunteered to work the event and they had so much fun! They danced to the music playing while inviting people to get a slice.

The event was a huge success! We planned to be out at Tate for 3 hours, but in an hour and 10 minutes, 75 pizzas were gone! That’s over 600 slices! We want to say thank you everyone who came out to get a piece of pizza. You helped this random act of kindness be so successful! Be on the look out for more to come.

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