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How To: Prep For Sorority Formals

Tri Delta, Olivia Erickson spills all of her tips and tricks for getting ready for formal!

"As spring and warm weather approaches, so does your sorority’s formal! Formal

is an event that everyone typically looks forward to; what’s not to love about dancing,

eating, and hanging out with your best friends? Although the event itself is exciting and enjoyable--when it comes to finding a date or finding a dress, it often ends up being cause of stress for many sorority women.

The Dress: In college, it can be difficult to find a dress that satisfies all the requirements we want: trendy, comfortable, flattering, and affordable. Luckily, websites like Lulu’s, Princess Polly, Revolve, and ASOS have you covered.

The Date: For those of us whose relationship status is currently #single, finding a date for important events always proves to be a challenge. Opt for a date that you actually know and try to avoid the awkward interactions you might have all night if you have one of your friends set you up.

The Shoes: Above all, wear comfortable shoes! Whether you decide on fun heels or trendy sneakers with your formal dress, make sure they’re broken in and won’t have you crying on the dance floor all night.

The Accessories: Make sure to start shopping for your accessories as soon as you decide on a dress—it’s often harder than you think to find accessories that represent your cool and fun style perfectly. Try stores downtown like The Indigo Child, The Impeccable Pig, and Cheeky Peach for the perfect pair of earrings or clutch!

Even if you don’t check off all the boxes above, as long as you’re comfortable and confident at your sorority’s formal, it’ll be a blast!"

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