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Join A Sorority For The Quiet Moments, Too

Molly English, member of Gamma Phi Beta, tells us why the day-to-day, calm moments are her favorite part of being in a sorority:

"Picture this: it’s early August in Georgia. You’re sweating like you never have before, girls are sing-shouting and clapping in your face about being “the best on the row”, and you’ve never been so terrified in your life.

That’s right: it’s sorority recruitment week, and you’re right in the middle of it.

Anyone in a sorority at the University of Georgia has gone through some sort of version of this. The week of recruitment can be overwhelming and unlike anything you’ve ever experienced; trust me, I’ve been there.

But in the end, you end up grateful you went through the experience. Bid day rolls along, in all its crazy, loud, exciting glory, and doused in glitter and a new t-shirt, you realize you’ve finally found your home away from home. You’ve found your sisters.

There’s something to remember, however. Not every day is bid day. Not every day is a date night or a social or a sisterhood event. Some of the most valuable moments of my sorority experience have been spent in the moments that, to the naked eye, aren’t the most exciting or crazy.

I think about how I can talk to absolutely everyone in my sorority without fear of judgement.

I think about how a late-night run to Cookout for a study break can turn into the best late-night talk or rant session.

Most importantly, I think about the moments when I know I can lean on my sisters for support, especially in times of hardship. Earlier this year, I lost a close friend unexpectedly. While I was struggling with coming to terms with my loss, I knew I could talk to my sisters about it, because I knew they would be there to listen always.

Yes, bid day and date nights are so much fun, and definitely parts of a sorority that can make college so much more fun. However, the quiet moments are important, too; they’re what make college mean something."

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