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Congratulations to all of the brand new BABY DAWGS! Panhellenic is so excited to have you on our campus in the fall. You should be proud of yourselves and all of your accomplishments that have led you to getting in the best school in the nation! After reading your letter of acceptance, we have one more letter for you to read, written by Alpha Chi Omega’s very own Abbie Gilbert!


Welcome to the best university and your freshman year! I hope you are really proud of

all that you did to be where you are today, it is such an accomplishment to be accepted into UGA. I remember being a freshman and feeling excited for all that was yet to come, I hope you feel the same!

When arriving on campus I was worried that I would not find a friend group or a “home away from home”. I felt alone or that I was missing out when I wasn’t doing something with friends or for school, and thought that I was the only one who experienced this. I learned that everyone felt that way, and there's a good chance that there will be a friend of yours who feels the same way you do. Don’t be afraid of skipping something because you want to spend some time alone, it is totally normal to need to relax or call your Mom!

During the summer, think about how you want to spend your time. You get to have so much free time in college, so choose how you want to allocate it! I knew that I wanted to join a bible study, so I joined and attended a bunch of dierent ones to end up finding the one that I really loved. Don’t be afraid of attending a new club or trying out something totally new- I ran cross country in high school, and ended up taking a Boxing class at Ramsey! For those of you who loved sports like I did, it can be hard to no longer have a team anymore. There are plenty of people who are involved with IM sports, and sororities can even create their own teams. My roommate was a huge volleyball player in high school so she joined the club team! Your love of sports doesn’t have to end just because you don’t want to play at the college level. Ask around to people on your floor or people that you meet through class/greek life/on the bus what they are involved with- it’s never too late to start something new.

Also it is totally fine to not know what you want to study. I changed my major and minor multiple times, and ended up finding what I wanted to do. I encourage you to use freshman year to take classes of interest but also know that most people change their major at some point in college. Work hard in classes, but also create that balance between making good grades and growing friendships.

If you do intend to go through sorority rush, I advise you to come in with an open mind! The entire process is a good way to make friends and connect with other girls that are experiencing the same thing you are. I loved being able to ask older girls questions about their experience in college, and use their advice to help me with adjusting to life at UGA!

From late nights in MLC to dinners at Pauleys, I love everything about Athens and I know you will too. I hope you enjoy these four years, and use your time to grow meaningful

friendships, find a career you love, and have plenty of fun. Athens always has something to do, and people to meet.

My favorite things in Athens: Milledge walks, Pauleys, Studying at the Jittery Joes in MLC, running the Ath Half, Bolton ice cream, picnics on Brumby Beach, Basketball Games, and cheering on the National Champions, go dawgs!

Sending Love!

Abbie Scott Gilbert, Alpha Chi Omega

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