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With the first exams coming up it's important to find the BEST study spots in Athens to ace your tests! Good thing we have a list with some of the best places to get study time in. No more wasting time let's just get right to it!


  1. MOLLY'S COFFEE- a cute little coffee shop on Macon Hwy is a perfect place to study in quiet & grab a yummy drink!

  2. JITTERY JOES- "Jit Joes" a classic Athens study spot, not only will you ace your test but I bet you'll see a friend or two there while studying hard!

  3. UGA SCIENCE LIBRARY- "The Sci Li" a campus favorite and greatly located. It's a huge space where you can hangout and do homework or get a quiet room to focus in!

  4. PANERA BREAD- On ATL HWY, this is my personal favorite. A perfect place to grab lunch, a table, & some AirPods and get that studying done!

  5. NORTH CAMPUS- Another Athens staple! Want to study outside? Grab a blanket and enjoy the fresh air!

  6. HENDERSHOTS- This one is on Prince Ave and is such a fun upbeat place to study! A perfect time to get a yummy coffee or drink to power through.

  7. STARBUCKS UPSTAIRS- Downtown Athens has some great places to grind out your homework, one of them being the upstairs area in the Starbucks downtown! Plus, who doesn't love a Starbucks drink?

  8. MLC- Everyone knows the MLC by its central location on UGA campus, but it also has a ton of study room including private study rooms for group study sessions!

  9. BUVEZ- Located on Barber St. you can grab some great food while studying for your first exam!

  10. CAFE ON LUMPKIN- if you want to get studying done early and need some breakfast to go along with the grind, Cafe on Lumpkin is the place for you!!

  11. SUB-BASEMENT IN MAIN LIBRARY- this one seems random but it makes sense right? This is one of the quietest places to study!

  12. CONDOR CHOCOLATES- Are you a coffee and chocolate lover like me? If you are you might want to check this place out next time you have a test to study for! Treat yourself while you study.

  13. BITTY & BEAU's- The sweetest workers and such a good place to study whether it is outside or inside.

  14. 1000 FACES- Another coffee shop, Another place to get your homework done!! This one is a hidden gem. Grab a coffee and sit down!

  15. TATE- I had to end on this one, if hidden places and coffee shops aren't your thing, just go to Tate! It's easy and I guarantee you will see someone you know!

There you have it! Our list of 15 places to get your studying in for your next test! Whether you are a coffee shop goer or a on-campus girl, all of these places will help you make an A on that next test!!


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