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Recruitment Day #1

Hey what’s up hello! Welcome to Recruitment 2015. I absolutely cannot wait to meet each and every one of you (or maybe just as many as I possibly can).

Maybe you’re 100% ready for recruitment. You know what to expect, what you’re doing, and what you’re wearing, and your mom packed you a kit with everything from tampons to oil blotters. You know everything there is to know (or at least, you think you do).

But MAYBE you’re like me, and you have no idea what to expect. As a freshman, I knew very few people in sororities, so all I had to go on were the “I remember when’s” of my mom’s friends and a lot of people telling me that I might cry, though no one ever explained why that might happen. I was Cady Heron walking up to North Shore High School for the first time, and I was terrified that The Plastics were waiting for me.

Good news: when I looked around the seemingly scary high school cafeteria that represents Milledge Avenue in this somewhat-outdated Mean Girls metaphor, I did indeed find “the greatest people you will ever meet.” I also found that those kind of rock-your-socks-off people were at every lunch table, and The Plastics were nowhere to be found.

Y’all, whether you feel like you’re prepared or not, whether Greek life is for you or not, I’ll give you one guarantee: you will meet some REALLY great people. Starting with your Gamma Chi. She’s your Janis and Damian: there to show you around, answer any questions you might have, and be your best friend.

As one of the aforementioned Gamma Chi’s, I have some tidbits you can take with you into your first day:

1) Dress comfortably—this means dressing for the heat and for walking around, but it also means that you should dress in a style that feels natural and true to you, not in a way that you think people want you to dress!

2) It will be loud—not only are there a lot of people talking at once, but there are chants, cheers, and songs. Roll with it. Embrace it. I promise that is not something that sorority girls sit around and do on a regular day.

3) Take the fliers/fans people are handing out as you walk by—a lot of times, these are coupons. And I know you want to have that 25% off card on hand when Urban finally opens.

4) Get to know other girls —you know who understands exactly how you feel? The people who are going through the exact same thing! And when you’re waiting outside houses, you can take advantage of the opportunity to find people to go to the dining hall with.

5) Don’t stress about appearance—look presentable and put your best foot forward, but when you’re hot and sweaty or the rain undoes all of the work you put into straightening your unmanageable hair (a little personal experience there), don’t freak out. The active members are trying to have a conversation with you, not make mental notes that you have sweat stains.

6) You’re FREAKING AWESOME—I just thought I would remind you. In the words of the great Amy Schumer, “I say if I’m beautiful. I say if I’m strong. You will not determine my story—I will.” No one else can define you. YOU define you.

I truly cannot wait to meet y’all, and I’m even MORE excited for y’all to take on Recruitment 2015! It’s gonna be pretty grool. Sorry…I meant to say cool and then I started to say great.

- Written by Brittany D., Gamma Chi -

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