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A Summer with Extra Special People

Allison White is a Junior member of Tri Delta at UGA. This past summer she worked as a camp counselor for Extra Special People, an organization that strives to better the lives of children and adults with special needs. The ESP summer camp is an eight week camp that has a day camp portion, an overnight camp portion, and a portion consisting of field trips. The counselors really focus on having high energy and keeping the campers excited all day. With the help of the counselors, the campers are able to participate in activities such as bowling, swimming, fishing, tubing, and more. They also took the campers to a Braves game, the Atlanta Zoo, and even to UGA where they got to watch a movie with the football team. Allison’s favorite portion of the camp was the overnight portion, which was held at Camp Twin Lakes. Camp Twin Lakes is just like any other summer camp, but it is unique because it caters to individuals with special needs. Allison’s major is Special Education, and this summer taught her a lot about why her major is so valued. She says, “These individuals have not lived a normal life like you and I, but they are so happy and full of joy. Working with the ESP campers this summer has made me a more joyful person.” Allison is also currently working as an ESP theater director. She is currently writing and directing a production of The Wizard of Oz. Tri Delta is so proud of Allison and her dedication to Special Education and the ESP organization!

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