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Campus Involvement

Members (pictured from left to right): Heather Long, Sydney Sawyer, Tori Martin, Anna Britt, Lena Hirsch, and Allie Gosch

Junior Panhellenic (not pictured): Hannah Taylor, Suzanne Gizzi, Caroline Barry, Melanie Garlock, Caroline Walker

What they do: The Campus Involvement Committee is focused on giving back to the University of Georgia, a place that has given students so much. Our main goal throughout the year is directing the operations of the Student Pantry, a food resource available to students who may be undergoing financial or food hardships. Located across from the GLO on the bottom floor of Tate, the Student Pantry is a no-judgment zone that welcomes all students and faculty to take snacks, meals, or community resources that may be beneficial to them. The Pantry was only an idea five years ago, and it continues to grow each year with new partnerships and increased awareness. Each week, our 18 Panhellenic sororities are responsible with donating food and staffing the Pantry’s volunteers. In the past year, visitation has increased to an average of 600 students each week. With the increased awareness of this resource, several campus organizations have partnered with the Pantry to host food drives or provide additional resources to students who visit the Pantry regularly.

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