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Big Hearts, Be Loved

Extra Special People is an organization that supports individuals in Athens who with disabilities and special needs. Pi Beta Phi has many members who are proud to be involved with Extra Special People! This past month, Extra Special People conducted a sorority spirit competition! The competition included a banner contest, social media contests, and percentage night attendance.

Pi Beta Phi was thrilled to come in first place in the competition! The members worked hard to support the organization and raise awareness for their event "Big Hearts, Be Loved". This event was a fairy tale themed pageant that recognized and honored all of the individuals of Extra Special People. The event was held at the Classic Center on February 13th and was a huge success.

The top two teams in the sorority competition had the opportunity to have a member of their chapter be a judge for the pageant. Shannon Hochschild, member of Pi Beta Phi, had a great time representing the chapter and celebrating the members of Extra Special People. Sterling Burke, also a member of Pi Phi, helped raise awareness for the event on social media. Sterling took a photo with two of her buddies in Extra Special People doing the "I love you" sign in sign language!

Pi Beta Phi was so happy to help support such a great organization! The women were honored to have won the competition, but felt even more honored to meet some of the of the wonderful people in ESP!


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