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Good for Ghana

As the world becomes busier, more overwhelming, and sometimes more selfish, a kind-hearted business with generous ideals can be hard to find. Everyone seems to be indulged in the “rat race,” on the hunt to simply be successful for their own betterment. However, every once in while, you find a group of people who long to do nothing but make the world a better place—a group of people like the owners of Bené Scarves. Recently, our Panhellenic Executive Council had a photoshoot with the company, which is owned by a University of Georgia alum. In 2011, when Michelle Blue was a sophomore, she took a study abroad trip to Ghana where she encountered numerous programs that benefitted the education and independence of young women. She left the trip forever changed, and soon after, she partnered with her best friend Sasha (a Florida A&M graduate) to start their business. In 2013, they designed a collection of scarves that mirrored the culture they had come to love so much. The company is committed to sponsoring young women’s education in Ghana by providing tuition, books, supplies, and uniforms in order to help mold a clear path for the women of Ghana to fulfill their dreams. Panhellenic greatly admires Michelle and Sasha’s drive to do good in the world around them and empower women to achieve whatever they desire. We are so proud to have them as part of the bulldog nation! Here is the link to the Bené scarves website:

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