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SOARing High

Liz Powers, a sophomore member of Alpha Omicron Pi and End It Movement at UGA’s official Director of Programming, works alongside many other students to help shine a light on modern day slavery and raise awareness to help end labor and sex trafficking in our generation. Starting in April of 2015, End It Movement at UGA is one of our campus’s newest organizations, but has already reached all corners of campus with large awareness events like the one held on February 25th where 1,400 shirts were given out to the student body and twelve sorority banners were made to raise awareness for this cause.

Since then, the team has been working hard to reach out and engage the student body. In fact, last week, Liz Powers, along with her team of directors, accepted the SOAR award for Most Outstanding New Organization. With that being said, it takes more than the directors to make a difference and achieve such feats. It takes members with willing helpful hands. That is exactly what Liz and End It Movement at UGA are building on our campus; a coalition to help end slavery to our best ability. And what are we better at than spreading the word? Whether it is through broadcasting on social media, setting up tables at Tate with stickers and flyers, or hosting events to physically show real-life slavery situations, the main focus for Liz’s work is to spread awareness on our campus.

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