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Perks of a Professor

From April 19th through April 21st, the scholarship committee of Panhellenic is putting on a faculty appreciation event for the employees of UGA. Set up near the Jittery Joe’s in the MLC, the professors, janitors, office workers, and teaching assistants are offered free Jittery Joe’s coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts in recognition of all of the work and time that they have invested in the students of UGA. To get the word out about the event, Caroline Barry, the scholarship committee director, contacted every dean on campus and encouraged them to invite all of the employees in their offices. Caroline said, “Planning and executing the faculty appreciation event this semester has been a joy, with my favorite part being able to meet and interact with new faculty. Our committee’s goals for the year and hope with this specific event include promoting academics within the Panhellenic community and strengthening faculty-student relationships.” At a university as large as UGA, the work of individuals can sometimes be overshadowed or looked over; therefore, the Panhellenic council strives to make known our appreciation of every person who pours into the academic, professional, and personal lives of both Greek and non-Greek students. We are so thankful for the faculty members at UGA and can’t wait to see how we can partner in the future!

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