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Recruitment Day 5: Preference Round

By day five we find ourselves tired of being hot, tired of wearing real clothes, and tired of talking to strangers about random topics, all while remaining almost delirious. But on day five we also find ourselves at one of the most important days of recruitment. The day you have narrowed it down to three or less houses. The day you really have to pay attention to make the decision that you have been sweating for all week long. There is really three types of girls during preferential rounds: the crier, the severely confused, and the girl who is going to chose a different house. The crier can be an 8-generation legacy or a find that fell in love when they walked through the doors. Whatever their connection to the house may be, it’s strong and the overwhelming emotions from all week long come overflowing out during the sappy speeches and songs. The severely confused girl usually just sits there, trying to understand why anyone would cry at such an event. "Like don’t these girls want to impress me? Why is my pref-er tearing up at this song? Does this house even think I am cool? WHY IS EVERYONE CRYING?!" Then there is the girl who has her heart set on another house. She is sort of paying attention, but sort of just enjoying the fact that she gets to sit down for a while. Usually, we play the role of each depending on what house we are at. To boil it down, each house makes us feel some type of way and whatever way that is, it’s okay.

Written by Catherine, Gamma Chi

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