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Designer Dawg

This summer, Kappa Delta's Hanalee was given the opportunity of a lifetime to work under Kelly Wearstler, one of the nation’s most influential interior designers. She moved to West Hollywood and worked at KWID (Kelly Wearstler Interior Design). Hanalee was assigned to a high-end hotel project, located in Los Angeles, and other luxurious residential projects. She worked with AutoCAD to help with construction documents and Photoshop to produce various renderings. She also visited warehouses to take measurements of vintage furniture, contacted various venders and sat in on presentations, and put together visual design trays. She enjoyed getting to be a part of the entire creative process from the concept development of a product to the final production. She learned just how much work interior design could be; it takes several teams and phases to get everything coordinated and moving. Hanalee’s favorite experience from this summer was exploring southern California and working on the CASE Proper Hotel. She explained how extremely blessed she felt to have interned at Kelly Wearstler. Hanalee commented, “This was one of the best learning experiences and I am so grateful to Kelly Wearstler and the entire KW family!” Kappa Delta is so proud of Hanalee for her many accomplishments and we cannot wait to see what her future holds!


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