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Embassy Extraordinaire

This summer, Emma Rice worked at the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa, Canada. The Sigma Kappa worked in the Regional Security Office – they call it the RSO – for half of her time there and the 4th of July Planning Office for the other half.

The RSO handles any security issues concerning the embassy and works closely with the Marine Security Guard Detachment to ensure maximum safety. Emma feels so incredibly lucky to have been assigned to the RSO because it meant getting to help with security detail for President Obama’s visit to Ottawa for the North American Leadership Summit. "From assisting with President Obama’s meet and greet, to confirming approved people to meet the President, to communicating with various consulates around the country about his visit, to booking hotels for his staff, it was amazing to see the logistics that go into planning such a short but meaningful visit," Emma said.

The U.S. Embassy Ottawa’s July 4th celebration is the largest 4th of July celebration outside the United States, so Emma was really excited to be a part of the planning! 4th of July happened to fall one business day after the Presidential visit, so she was extremely busy for the month leading up to it all. She corresponded with various sponsors, solidified information for signs and banners around the Ambassador’s residence, brainstormed decorations, coordinated deliveries, and so much more. July 4th, themed Roadtrip – USA!, was an amazing success, so much fun, and was attended by over 4,200 diplomats, government officials, and influential members of Canadian society.

Emma stated, "While I no longer live in Canada, I had so much fun working at the embassy and I’ll always be happy for having one of the best summer jobs out there!"


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