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Secs and Execs

As the semester winds down, Sigma Delta Tau's current Executive Board is in the process of transitioning the new Executive Board. With a new board comes lot of new, important changes to the structure of the chapter's leadership. For instance, the position of VP of General Board, held by Rebecca Friedman, will be eliminated. In its place, a new position will be created: VP of Operations, which will be held by sophomore Miryam Miller. Miryam will be second in command to the new President, Maddy Wassermann, and will be assisting Maddy with her everyday duties. The general board will be divided and led by the different Executive Board members, rather than be headed by one individual like in previous years.

Additionally, the previous position of Secretary will now be called “VP of Administration”, Treasure will now be called “VP of Finance”, and Social Chair will now be called “VP of Social Affairs”.

Along with President Maddy Wassermann and VP of Operations Miryam Miller, Sigma Delta Tau is excited to announce the rest of their 2016-2017 Executive Board:

VP of Philanthropy: Rachel Spelfogel

VP of Panhellenic and Scholarship: Megan Cohen

VP of Recruitment: Golda Adler and Hannah Kalish

New Member Educator: Aly Tromer

VP of Administration: Sydney Heiberger

VP of Finance: Sera Thomas

VP of Social Affairs: Hadley Gordon

We can’t wait to see all of the amazing things that these girls do in their new positions and we look forward to another successful year!

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